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APEX offers energy solutions that stand the test of time, providing dependable and sustainable options for all of your energy needs.

Why choose APEX?

Our engineers have been motivated by the simple understanding that efficiency, reliability and quality of build are the cornerstone of successful products.

The global energy climate is shifting and access to dependable and alternative energy has never been more critical.

We believe that products should be created with future sustainability in mind and our promise is to build products that are tougher, last longer and create peace of mind for your energy needs.

APEX amplifies alternative power solutions with products locally made and meticulously engineered to perform in local conditions with impeccable after sales support and warranties.

Engineered to be tough

Made to the highest standards

Designed & built by SA engineering experts

World class R&D

Industry compliance

Nationwide service and support

Engineered to be tough

Our engineers build products that are designed to last.

Made with the highest standards

Reliability and energy efficiency is at the core of what we do.

Designed by SA industry experts

Our products consider the harsh South African environment to ensure quality solutions for a variety of applications.

World class R&D

Our promise is to relentlessly design for future sustainability.

Industry compliance

Our products adhere to strict and comprehensive industry regulations.

Aftersales Support

Our support doesn't end with your purchase. Explore aftersales assistance.


An inverter changes DC power from a battery into conventional AC power so that you can operate household and commercial devices.

Solar geyser system

A device used to control and manage a sustainable energy flow when utilizing solar energy generation for hot water geyser systems.

Charge Controllers

The primary function of a MPPT charge controller is to charge batteries from a solar panel array. An MPPT stands for a Maximum Power Point Tracker.

Our advanced monitoring platform

Our distribution partner, Rubicon, provides the ultimate solution for monitoring your solar energy system. Designed to help you stay on top of your backup power solutions and devices. Log in to access our advanced monitoring tools for the grid, load, and battery.


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Customer reviews

Nick Roche - Rubicon, Chief Product Officer

APEX really knocked it out of the park with the SGS. The user-friendly app for monitoring and controlling the geyser system allows me to optimise my energy usage effortlessly. It's a brilliant investment not only for immediate efficiency but also for a greener future. APEX has set a new standard for locally designed and engineered energy solutions.

Cape Town

Barry Davis - Kwikelec

Partnering with APEX has been a game-changer for my business. The APEX system is not only easy to install but also offers a level of reliability and performance that sets it apart in the market. The support from the APEX team has been outstanding, making our collaboration seamless. I confidently recommend APEX to fellow installers and businesses looking to provide their customers with top-tier energy solutions.


John Smith

I'm incredibly satisfied with my APEX solution. It has transformed my home's energy efficiency, providing reliable power during outages and helping me save on electricity bills. The installation process was smooth, and the system's performance has been exceptional. I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a reliable and efficient energy solution.

Somerset West

Installation partners,

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The APEX simple calculator uses basic information about your home to estimate your energy solution needs in a matter of seconds. Our calculator and products are designed by industry experts to reduce energy bills and protect against power failures. APEX also offers access to skilled installers for a hassle-free installation. We provide comprehensive professional support to ensure an energy solution that is tailored to your unique requirements.

The APEX simple calculator is powered by our distribution partner, Rubicon which offers associated and compatible industry products to build your ideal energy ecosystem.


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