Engineering Support

MCS support

Our microgrid control system (MCS) manages sources and loads from both grid-connected and islanded local distribution networks (microgrids). This ensures uninterrupted energy supply and cost savings. With the MCS, supported field devices can be remotely controlled and managed. Monitoring data is stored in APEX’s cloud platform and, for a limited period, on the optional onboard SD card. Contact us for more information or for assistance in the process.

Step 1

To order an APEX MCS, complete a pre-sales product request form. An APEX engineer will review the request and determine whether the product is compatible with the project requirements. An approval letter will then be sent to you.


Step 2

Based on your application and approval, a sales representative will send you a quote and payment details for the relevant product.

Step 3

Once your product has been purchased and installed, your installer must submit a pre-commissioning request form. Our booking department will let you know when our team can assist with commissioning your system.


Post-commissioning support

Once your system has been commissioned, we will remain available for any further queries or to provide information on expansions or product requirements for future projects.


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