Energy storage


12kWh Lithium Battery

APEX offers a next generation 12 kWh battery to compliment our range of best in class energy management equipment. APEX offers a unique built in LCD display for anytime monitoring, and an advanced real time battery management system. The APEX B-12K also integrates seamlessly into your existing APEX ecosystem.

Energy storage is a critical component for a comprehensive power backup solution and to ensure you can enjoy solar self consumption if you are using renewable energy sources (i.e. allowing solar energy storage for night time usage). There are many types of batteries in the market and it is critical to understand that quality plays a large role in day-to-day usage and lifespan of a battery (also known as battery cycles). When considering life cycles of a battery one should also take note of the capacity that the battery offers throughout its lifecycle – a very high or unlimited cycle warranty might sound attractive, but not if your battery only has 10% capacity in 5 years time. Many have already made the move from lead based batteries to li-ion batteries, as they offer a significantly better lifespan, energy efficiency and financial return, although lead based batteries can be more affordable for the short term.

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